Dumbo Double Dare

 A little more than 24 hours ago registration for the Dumbo Double Dare weekend opened and nearly everything offered for that weekend is sold out. WOW!!

The Disneyland 10K sold out in 55 minutes! And 40 minutes after opening Dumbo Double Dare was 99% full!

I was lucky enough to get in for the Dumbo Double Dare. My trick was using the Active website rather than going through the runDisney site which continued to crash :( 

Starting 3 minutes before 9am PST I continued to refresh the page for registration. About a minute before it was to open I discovered the links for registration were active. If you notice my registration was complete at 9:00:32. Yup I was registered in full for DDD 32 seconds after it opened!!

Lines, Shoes & a Twerking Goofy

UPDATE: To those of you headed to Princess be sure to check out this New Balance page for details.

WARNING: Lots of pictures... and words ;) 

We're home from a quick trip to California. It was a ton of fun! We crammed lots in to two days but it was well worth it.

The first thing on our to do list was to get in line for the new runDisney New Balance shoes. I was lucky enough last year during Tink to purchase the original New Balance Minnie Mouse shoes.

Funny thing - both last year and this year our original plans for the trip didn't work out. Last year I didn't get in to the meet up and we forgot to pick up our park tickets so we wandered around Disneyland Hotel and stumbled upon the line to reserve the Minnie or Mickey shoes. This year due to work we arrived to California late Friday night and headed to the expo first thing Saturday morning - seems like everyone and their brother was running the 10k that morning! Everything happens for a reason! 

Bright and early on Saturday morning - so early in fact the roads by our hotel were blocked by the 10k runners and road blocks. We had to take the long way around to get onto Disneyland property. We ended up parking at the Mickey and Friends massive parking garage.  Nice and easy! Getting there just took a bit longer than planned.
I couldn't resist - no one was coming :)

Tinker Bell Half Marathon

I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week, between work and getting ready for Tink it's been crazy!

I plan on posting a trip recap once I get back... but for the time being feel free to follow me on Instagram & Twitter so we can stay connected!!

To all those running today & this weekend good luck! See you there!


On Friday, Disney Parks Blog shared photos of the ground breaking of AVATAR land at Animal Kingdom. I am probably one of the few people who is actually excited about this project. Sadly, there has been a lot of nay-saying about the Animal Kingdom expansion.  But knowing Disney and the films that James Cameron releases I have a sneaky feeling it will be stunning!! Plus, an Imagineer at D23 Expo promised it would make all the naysayers hush right up when they see the land.

An Imagineer's desk on display at D23 Expo this past year.
Another shot of the Imagineer's desk - SOO cool!

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Medal

Virtual Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Blog Hop Directory
Check out more posts about the runDisney Tinkerbell Half Marathon on the DisTherapy blog (just click on the pic above!)

Let's be real, I run because of the bling! It's big, flashy, colorful and means you worked your butt off to earn it.  

On January 19th I'll be earning my third set of wings. The stunning runDisney medals have become a bit of a status symbol. But rather than keep you waiting.... ladies (& gentlemen) I give you the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon medal: 


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