2014 Vegas Color Run

On February 22nd The Color Run came to Vegas. This was my second year participating and I LOVE this run. For the past two years it's been in downtown Las Vegas (around the Fremont Street Experience), this area has been changing SOOO much over the past few years. I really enjoy seeing Vegas come to life, adding culture & experiences away from the Strip. 

Any who... before the run I had to do packet pick up, it was offered the Thursday & Friday before the run. The Vegas packet pickup was in a recently opened (super cool) area of downtown called Container Park. The majority of this area is made out of shipping containers!

Yes that is a massive praying mantis at the entrance... 

There's even a Disney Fine Art Gallery there! 

The line for packet pickup, not too long. 

Why yes it is :) 
 Another shot of Container Park, its stunning. 

In case you wanted to know what all is offered in Container Park. 

Packet pickup was sooo easy. You showed a photo ID & signed waver then got a bib with a size written on the back of it. Off to another tent where the shirts & goodies bags were, and you are done! I went to the third and final tent for some fun knee highs socks. One big improvement from last year's pick up (which was held at The Palm's Hotel in one of their night clubs) was the lack of the color packet for the end party after the race. This made a mess in my house last year and I didn't know what to do with the packet during the run. So BIG kudos to the Color Run team not handing the color packets out at this year's packet pickup. 

Flat Kara is ready... yes that is a HOT pink wig. 

 Saturday morning came early! I met a group of sorority sisters right in front of the Fremont Experience.
 Wigging out!

Another group shot before the run... sooo clean.

 I also bumped into a co-worker at the run. 

 Clean Kara

The unicorn is Color Run's mascot

The run began at 9. It all moved very quickly, instead of corrals like most races it was timed intervals releasing people.  Around 9:20am it was our turn. I tossed my iPhone into a plastic baggie to keep it clean. 

 We strolled along enjoying the perfect late winter Vegas morning and the sisterhood time. 
There were 4 different color zones - blue, orange, yellow & pink. 
First up was blue, we got slammed with color! It was fun. The trick when running through these areas is to hold your breath (or rock a bandanna). Blue & green boogers for a week.... ummm yea hold your breath ;) 

Next was the orange - again we got nailed.

Third was yellow - not nearly as noticeable.

Last was pink - sadly they seemed to be running low on the color, the only pink I got was on my shoes :( 

A couple shots before, during & at the finish line.  (Yup major wig slippage)

 I LOVED the finish line, music was blaring, people cheering and confetti!!!! 

 Soo much confetti! 

At the finish line party - covered in color :) 

Group shot after the run, the stroller seemed to get the most color!

 I really love attending the Color Run, both years I've participated have been fantastic. Always well organized and the staff & volunteers seem to be having a blast.

I highly recommend attending The Color Run if it comes to your town. And keep an eye out for group coupon programs online for discounted race entries (that's how I bought my entry this year, only $30!) That fee included a freakishly soft race shirt, headband, temporary tattoos, rubber bracelet, messenger bag & color packet for the after race party. That's ALOT of stuff for $30! 

Have you ever attended The Color Run in your city? Did you get slammed with color?

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