28 Years

Sorry I've been MIA this month. I've been busy planning for my 28th birthday (yes I am fully aware how lame that sounds taking nearly a month to plan your own birthday! Ha). But it's all for good reason. When I realized my birthday would be on a Saturday it meant we would be able to celebrate in DISNEYLAND!!
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So aside from planning a regular non running trip to the parks we decided to add two twists to our trip. First off we are staying on property!!! This will be our third time staying on property (we've stayed at Paradise Pier Hotel twice). We are lucky enough to have friends that were willing to let us rent vacation club points from them for our stay. This allows us to stay at the Grand Californian for nearly a third of the rack rates!! Yay for saving money but feeling like you are splurging :)  I know it seems silly but I'm a pro at staying off property when we visit Disneyland. But since we've only stayed two other times on property, I had a little more research to do (like parking, extra magic hours, and digging into the whole world of Disney Vacations Clubs). 
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The next twist is how we will really be celebrating. Sure spending time in a nice hotel & in the theme parks is wonderful but if you know me you know I like a bit of a challenge!  I got the idea last year from the divine WHIPPY CAKE. She celebrated her birthday with random acts of kindness around her town. Sure that's something I could do in Vegas. But there are LOTS of jaded people around here and in Disneyland people just seem more open and willing to the kindness of others. Which means I will be celebrating my birthday in Disneyland by doing 28 Random Acts of DISNEY Kindness. 

I'm not going to give it all away right now but I promise to post about it after our trip. In the mean time feel free to follow on Instagram & Twitter. I'll be using two hash tags for our trip #Karas28RaoDk & #RaoDk  I'm super excited about this trip and can't wait to share all about it. 

We will be in both parks on Saturday & Sunday (March 29&30) if you see us please come say hi!

Have you ever celebrated your birthday in a rather unconventional way?  If so, what did you do?


  1. Can't wait to read more! Love the blog and all the pics!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Katie. I'll be sharing about the trip through several blog posts, it was such an exciting experience!