Disneyland Character Roundup

While in Disneyland for the Tink Half, there were special character meet & greets happening. We were lucky enough to find the lines VERY short, I believe it was due to the location. The Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree area is a bit hidden, behind Big Thunder Ranch & Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue.  I was thankful for the short lines (even if the meets were mentioned on the Disney Parks Blog) because it meant I got to have longer interactions with all the characters. 

First up was Friar Tuck & Robin Hood, both were perfect gentlemen.

As I was leaving them Robin noticed my New Balance Minnie Mouse shoes... he FREAKED OUT! It was hysterical.  We then had a very animated "conversation" about the half marathons.  They then proceeded to kiss my hand and blow me kisses as I left. 

Next up were the wonderful Tremaine women...  sadly as soon as I got close it was time for them to check on Cinderella to ensure she was doing her chores. 

After being bummed out by not meeting the Tremaines I saw Clarabelle Cow & Horace Horsecollar.
There was no line to meet them! Thankfully I remembered their names, when I get excited about things I tend to lose my brain & become very forgetful. 

While the cast member took pictures I remembered a tip I read on the Capturing Magic blog about taking selfies with the characters. This was the BEST - Clarabelle & Horace super excited to do it, showing me how to position my phone & knew just how to pose. I even heard other guests talking about what a good idea that was! Yay :)

After a quick break from the character round up we came back (about 30 minutes later) & found the Tremaine ladies out again. I was kinda freaking out about this meeting. I love Anastasia & Drizella, my sister & I when we were little would put pillows on our lower backs under our long dresses to give the "big butts" that Anastasia & Drizella had.
They were even interacting with the guests waiting in line. 

The cast member I gave my phone to had lots of fun taking pictures. 

When I approached the ladies they asked me if I brought them any presents... I made a shrugging hand gesture and then Anastasia & Drizella freaked. They saw my sparkly nails & wedding ring. They wanted my prince! 

Below are pictures the cast member took during the nails/ring interaction, they wanted to meet my prince. Hubs isn't into the talking characters, so he was sitting.

Looking for my husband....

At this point Anastasia was screaming his name! 

Turns out he hid... he did not want to be seen! ha 

After that fun it was time for some posed pictures.
I love the sass! 

Next are the weird pics the cast member took. I had no idea what she was doing, but am so thankful to her for taking these.

Next were selfies! I wish I took video of this part, it was hysterical.

I was one of the last people to get pictures with the Tremaines before they had to check on Cinderella again!  Up next were Mary, Suzy & Perla - some of Cinderella's mice. 

Honest John & Gideon from Pinocchio were already being mischievous. When Lady Tremaine left John gifted her with straw... she was disgusted. It was wonderful to see characters from other films interact.

I had so much fun meeting all these characters (like you couldn't tell). I do recommend being patient, and while waiting look up the characters just to be sure you know who you are talking to. Also start thinking about what you will say to them. A simple hello & thank you is fine, but the more you interact with the characters the better your experience will be. 

Have you had fun interactions with characters in the Disney parks before? Who did you meet? 

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