28 Random Acts of Disney Kindness - Part 2

Picking up right where we left off, after a fun first earthquake filled evening we went to bed knowing full well the next morning meant PARKS & more importantly my birthday!! Sadly we had issues with the tickets we purchased online (the legal way through Disney) & we were quite late for our breakfast reservation.
After 45 min of issues we were finally in Disneyland!

Fourteen in 2014

For quite some time I've been toying with this idea - I was inspired during last year's Disneyland Half Marathon. I spotted a woman's shirt stating she was running 13 half marathons in 2013. Okay I'm no where near that dedicated to half marathons! But I wanted to challenge myself in 2014 (as if doing 3 half marathons in 2013 wasn't enough!).  
That said, I'd like to announce that I will be running FOURTEEN races in 2014!! I'm excited about this venture, it gives me something to work towards everyday. Staying healthy, eating healthy & CREATING memories. (Create is my word of 2014)

28 Random Acts of Disney Kindness - Part 1

Hi! I know it's been a while, but with three weekends & one full week traveling I've been a bit busy. Before we go any further I recommend going back & reading this post.

Now assuming you're all caught up let's continue. As you know I celebrated my 28th birthday in Disneyland, with a twist. I decided to do 28 random acts of kindness - I did all 28 in Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney & the Disneyland Hotels. 

The cards I made to inform others of what I was doing