28 Random Acts of Disney Kindness - Part 1

Hi! I know it's been a while, but with three weekends & one full week traveling I've been a bit busy. Before we go any further I recommend going back & reading this post.

Now assuming you're all caught up let's continue. As you know I celebrated my 28th birthday in Disneyland, with a twist. I decided to do 28 random acts of kindness - I did all 28 in Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney & the Disneyland Hotels. 

The cards I made to inform others of what I was doing
It took me MONTHS of planning the random acts of Disney kindness (which from here on out will be referred to as RaoDk). I had to figure out the perfect amount of acts & more importantly the ease of them. Because we were there to celebrate & I wanted to ensure hubs & I had plenty of time to ourselves to enjoy our little trip as well.

 I used the tips from Capturing Magic & created hashtags for the trip.  The best part was checking the two hashtags throughout the trip to see other people posting!! That blew my mind!

First - we had to check in at the Grand Californian
Our stunning DVC room... 
Clearly we were in the middle of unpacking...
View outside our room - the pool was located to the left

 Once settled in I found my biggest task for the RaoDk - writing cast members thank you notes. Living in one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world (Las Vegas) I have become VERY aware as to how rude & demanding guests can be. To me it has always been important when you get good service to encourage that service either with a tip or complement to the manager. Also using an employee's name is the upmost sign of respect (in my opinion). 

...stepping off my soapbox...

With that in mind I wanted to thank as many Disney cast members as possible with thank you notes. So before heading out to dinner I wrote up notes for the two locations we knew we would be headed that night.

One for Hearthstone Lounge at the Grand Calfornian (a quick stop for a pre-dinner cocktail) & one for our waiter at Steakhouse 55 at Disneyland Hotel. I included the cards I made in both.

Once the thank you notes were done (on fun retro Disneyland stationary) I got all dolled up.

Selfies seem to be the only way I get my whole outfit in ;)

The first TWO RaoDk took place at the Hearthstone Lounge - hubs & I enjoyed our cocktails - red wine for him & prosecco for me. We were lucky enough to have a wonderful waitress, I explained what I was doing & she was thrilled to be part of it.  We presented her with the small cards I made & asked for her to keep an eye out for someone who was finishing up a beverage & would need another.

We ended up moving to the bar where we figured we'd have better luck finding someone to buy the drink for. There was a gentlemen at the other end of the bar drinking alone (yup it could of gotten REALLY awkward). I recruited a bartender to serve him another drink (once his first was completed, because our timing sucked, no new customers sat down while we were at the bar). The bartender handed him his drink & my card. He freaked out. I did not introduce myself, just sat back & enjoyed.
RaoDk #1 DONE! - Buy someone a drink in Hearthstone Lounge

 Then the waitress brought me a cupcake!!! With a candle, she said what I was doing as so fun & original that she wanted to reward me with a little magic :)

Cupcake fun :)

Once our waitress presented me with the cupcake it was the perfect time to give her the thank you note. The look on her face was darling, she was completely surprised - MADE my day.
RaoDk #2 DONE! - Give a cast member a thank you note

After drinks in the Hearthstone Lounge it was time to stroll over to the Disneyland Hotel for dinner. But first we made a quick stop in the Grand Cali lobby, I noticed a family of four sitting & talking. Two kids, two parents = PERFECT! I spoke with the parents, explained a bit what I was doing & the reason, then handed him change - $1.02 to be exact. I informed them of the  pressed penny machine in the gift shop & that the change I gave them would allow for each child to make their own pressed penny souvenir.

Hubs took this - totally stealth - Here I am speaking with the family
RaoDk #3 & #4 DONE! - Give someone change to make a pressed penny
Off to the Disneyland Hotel
OBSESSED with these lights... then again I love anything with pixie dust
Quick shot in a teacup

While waiting for our reservation at Steakhouse 55 I found another family! I again shared with the father what I was doing & presented his son with two quarters & a penny. They both were shocked (this seems to be a trend!) & walked over to the two pressed penny machines in the lobby.
RaoDk #5 DONE! - Give someone change to make a pressed penny

Another stealth shot - father helping his son with the pressed penny

Now it's time for dinner! We decided to do a fancy dinner the night before my birthday as we knew we would be busy in the parks the next day. I decided on Steakhouse 55 as hubs had never been there before & it had been a couple years since I dined there.

The wine hubs surprised me with, do your research there is a Disney connection!!!
Dinner was fantastic, we both thoroughly enjoyed & over stuffed ourselves.

I LOVE birthday desserts in Disney, always something different from what the menu offers.
During dinner California decided to have a little party of it's own... an EARTHQUAKE!!

It was SCARY & took place in the middle of dinner, I thought the champagne went to my head a little too quickly. Then I realized the chandelier overhead was moving & other people were making comments about the rolling. It was ROLLING, okay keep in mind this is my first real earthquake. I've felt very faint ones before (once in Vegas & once in Michigan).  Lawdy was it crazy - both hubs & I grabbed our wine glasses (ya know priorities!!) then continued with our dinner.

Our OMG we just experienced an earthquake faces
The final RaoDk of the night happened with our server, David at Steakhouse 55.  I placed his thank you note in with our bill, It was a nice way to wrap up the evening.
RaoDk #6 DONE! - Give a cast member a thank you note

Look ma two phones at once! (Calling to see if the pool was still open)
The first day was a huge success in my book. It was a bit nerve wracking doing the first couple RaoDk - wondering how people would react & what exactly to say. But it was so much fun. Seeing the looks on people's faces made my worries melt away.

What is your favorite RaoDk been so far?
Have you ever done random acts of kindness?

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