28 Random Acts of Disney Kindness - Part 2

Picking up right where we left off, after a fun first earthquake filled evening we went to bed knowing full well the next morning meant PARKS & more importantly my birthday!! Sadly we had issues with the tickets we purchased online (the legal way through Disney) & we were quite late for our breakfast reservation.
After 45 min of issues we were finally in Disneyland!

We didn't waste any time at City Hall for a birthday button as I already had a very sparkly one! 
Modpodge, glitter & sharpies are a girl's best friend
Our first stop of the day was breakfast at Carnation Cafe, unfortunately Oscar had the day off.

While waiting for breakfast I wrote more cast member thank you notes.
I glow in Disneyland - don't mind the woman behind me stuffing her face ;)
Of course I ordered a Mickey waffle... this thing was HUGE!
Doesn't that look delicious?

(If you're keeping track that is the THIRD free dessert of this trip)

Once we finished breakfast I again included the cast member thank you note with our bill.
 RaoDk #7 DONE! - Give a cast member a thank you note

After breakfast we went off to do a couple rides (but more importantly had to wait a bit for the food carts to open, as this would become the main portion of the RaoDk)

It took a couple hours but we noticed a line right outside of the Tiki Room. I hopped in line & informed the cast members there what I was doing. (FYI you can be served in the queue area of the Tiki Room, its often a MUCH shorter wait.) There was no one behind me in line, only people on the opposite side, so when the next person came up the cast members informed the man I would like to pay for his dole whip. The look on his face was hysterical, pretty sure he thought I was trying to pick him up. HA! They presented him with the card. Which he read, smiled & agreed to allow me to buy him the dole whip.  Which meant that...

RaoDk #8 DONE! - Buy someone a Dole Whip

We were then on a roll, since the food carts were open for business it was easy to hop from one to another. 
Buying a pretzel for someone
RaoDk #9 DONE! - Buy someone a Mickey pretzel

After hitting up the pretzel & churro stand in Frontierland we went to play the shooting range - or Shootin' Exposition as Disneyland calls it. Hubs & I both played, then I gave money to a mother who was watching her son play. She was in shock & her son was thrilled he got to play around round. (Amazing what 50 cents can do.) 
Churro family & Shooting Range
RaoDk #10 DONE! - Buy someone a churro
RaoDk #11 DONE! - Buy a round at the Shootin' Exposition

Frontierland & Main Street were the easiest food carts to hit up because there were several in close proximity to one another.
It's FINALLY open!!
With 11 of the 28 RaoDk it was time for a ride! Thankfully we grabbed fastpasses earlier in the morning for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - it had just recently reopened after a 14 month refurbishment & let me just say it was well worth the wait!!
Ready for the wildest ride in the wilderness!
After BTMRR I spotted a lady with a Star Wars pin lanyard. She was on the move & REALLY hard to catch up with. But I grabbed one of my cards & a R2D2 droid I had made on a previous trip & caught up with her. The conversation was a little awkward at first
Me "Umm excuse me but do you have a minute"
Her "Sure"
Me "Do you like Star Wars?"
Her "Ummm YES" followed by a blank look & tone like I should of known ;)
I proceeded to ramble on & present her with the droid wearing little Mickey ears. As we walked away hubs happened to overhear her say "That girl was awesome, look what she gave me"
RaoDk #12 DONE! - R2D2 a guest

By this time the parks were getting crowded & we decided to head back to the hotel for a little pool side R&R. 
We caught the Dapper Dans on our way out of Disneyland
Thankfully on the way back to our hotel we passed Starbucks, this was the perfect time to get my free birthday drink (Trenta Very Berry Hibiscus Light Ice please!)  While we were there I stopped the woman behind me to buy her beverage. She lost her mind & had me share with her two teen daughters what I was doing. The mother told her girls "See there are nice people in the world!" All three women were very friendly & I passed out my cards to all of them & gave the daughters coins for pressed pennies. 

This Starbucks is gorgeous!
So in one quick coffee stop I got THREE RaoDk done :)
RaoDk #13 DONE! - Buy someone Starbucks
RaoDk #14 & #15 DONE! - Give someone change to make a pressed penny

Once back to our hotel we changed into our swim suits & headed to the pool.
It's totally normal to wear mouse ears to the pool right?
To be continued... 
Any surprise RaoDk so far? Which one has been your favorite?


  1. I love EVERYTHING with kids. As a parent, it's hard to see "good strangers" when everyone teaches "stranger danger." Some kids (and PARENTS) need to remember that there are most definitely great people in the world! Well done :)!

    1. Thank you Katie for the kind words! With hubs being an officer we are FAR too aware of stranger danger, which is one reason I figured people would be more receptive of this project in Disneyland.

  2. That's awesome! I love RAoK! I think I may take quarters and pennies and just pre-fill the pressed penny machines so when someone goes up to them they just have to push in and get one. I'm a bit too introverted to go up to strangers though, although we did give Soarin' fastpasses to a mom and son at EPCOT once.

    1. I LOVE that idea of pre-filling the penny machines! & Nice on sharing the fastpasses, I'm sure you made their day!