28 Random Acts of Disney Kindness - Part 3

 With 15 RaoDk completed, hubs & I took a much needed break at our hotel pool. I had hopes of doing more RaoDk while we were there, but the opportunity never arose.
(Not sure what I'm talking about?? Check out Part 1 & Part 2 of my Random acts of Disney kindness trip.)

Can't even express how tranquil this pool is!

Left overs from the previous night's trip to Steakhouse 55

The view from our room (notice the pool gate on the left)
After relaxing at the pool it was time to freshen up & head back out to the parks!
There's a whole lot of mousing around in this pic!
We decided to head into California Adventure since we had spent the morning in Disneyland.

LOVE 5 & Dime
Before doing more RaoDk I had to stop & take a picture with Phi Phi the photographer!

I "introduced" her to a selfie! ha
We took a quick picture of the two of us.

 As we strolled through DCA I spotted a cotton candy cart that had no customers. This was a major score during the RaoDk because I didn't want the guests behind me to hear what I was doing - which would take away the element of surprise.  I also kept an eye out for younger cast members, they seemed to understand the whole process much better & were FAR more willing to participate. (I had one cast member refuse to participate saying management told them to not do this... ummm sure, okay) 

RaoDk #16  DONE! - Buy someone cotton candy

Buying cotton candy!
Soon we found ourselves in front of one of our favorite quick service stops - Corn Dog Castle!! (Little secret for you, it's the same corn dogs as in Disneyland, without the horrific lines, GASP!!)

We grabbed ourselves a corn dog - we always share one, much to the chagrin of hubs, but I know if I ate an entire one I wouldn't have room for all the other amazing Disney snacks!

While we were there I of course had to do a RaoDk, I mean who doesn't LOVE a corn dog.  While we ate I noticed the corn dog went to a family with several kids - the parents were scanning the area to me (of course they didn't know it was me).

 RaoDk #17  DONE! - Buy someone a corn dog

While in California Adventure we did a couple attractions, but mostly strolled. Both hubs & I love this park & yes we loved it before the refurb, but love it more now.  We took a majority of our engagement photos in California Adventure. It's the perfect strolling park to us. 

One of the attractions we did was Soarin' - we were behind a family for Australia. It was their first time on Soarin' - once it was finished & everyone was unloading I stopped them & handed the father the coins for the pressed pennies for his son & daughter. The little girl's face was adorable, her jaw dropped open & we watched them head into the store across from Soarin' (there are a couple pressed penny machines in there). 

 RaoDk #18 & #19  DONE! - Give someone change to make a pressed penny

It was getting to be early evening & the corn dog was starting to wear off (we were getting hungry!) So it was off to Downtown Disney. Thankfully our timing was perfect as one of my favorite artists, Jeff Granito, was at WonderGround Gallery doing a signing. I loved his work before I met him & after speaking with him I can honestly say I love it all even more.  

Jeff had two pieces of artwork available that I HAD to buy, it was my birthday present to myself.  I purchased prints of "Tightrope Twist" &  "Congratulations and Condolences" (both Haunted Mansion themed).  He was kind enough to sign them for me & we chatted about my RaoDk trip. If you thought I was floating before from all of the RaoDk now I really was, I LOVE meeting the artists of work I admire.

With the fab Jeff Granito
After shopping & chatting with Jeff, hubs & I decided to head to Napa Rose for dinner (after dropping the prints off in the room & putting on some warmer clothes.) We decided against the main dining room & went straight for the lounge. It was packed, so we gave our name & sat by the fire pit outside enjoying wine, fire & relaxing.

Our name was eventually called but we passed it up to stay outside. We did order a couple flat breads & more wine. It was a fantastic birthday meal. While we were wrapping up our meal a family with a tween daughter sat by the fire. On our way out I walked up to them & asked the daughter if she knew about Vinylmation. I went on to explain what they are & offered her to choose from two I had on me.  I presented the parents with the card explaining everything & as we walked away the girl ran up & hugged me. :)

 RaoDk #20 DONE! - Give someone a Vinylmation

On our way into Napa Rose I noticed Jeffrey Epstein at a table with friends in the lounge.  Now this was my third time seeing him on our trip but I didn't want to bother him. However with two glasses of wine in me I was much more courageous. So I stopped at their table & apologized for interrupting their meal & proceeded to tell Jeffrey how much I love & miss his videos. (Jeffrey used to do videos for Disney's official fan club D23 - his videos were called D23's Disney Geek. This is what got us to talking. His videos were wonderful & I really do miss them.)

We chatted a bit about the day in the park, what we were doing there (the RaoDk) & of course D23!! Jeffrey asked me if I was still a D23 member, when I said yes, he took a Disney Shareholders pin with Anna & Elsa on it!!  Jeffrey & his friends were all very kind & then I of course asked for a photo. He responded only if I get one of you two to tweet out... um okay!

A quick pic with Jeffrey
We said our goodbyes, then hubs & I were off to meet an internet friend Ivie. This girl is amazing! I've met a couple other internet "friends" before & well it was awkward (& let's be real, there are some scary weird Disney fans out there, keep in mind I'm only a little weird). But after meeting Ivie & her boyfriend AJ I wished we lived closer to each other.  Thankfully we will be seeing them in August at Dumbo Double Dare!

Cute girls in cute ears.
After meeting Ivie it was time to go see the fireworks in Disneyland, it had been a while since we had watched it as World of Color had been taking priority lately (or sleep!).
I love this train station
But first I had to take a sorority related picture - my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi's store is called The Emporium. So it's always fun to see something AOII related in Disney. The shape I am making with my hands means Alpha Love, as the hand beings to make the letter A & it is finished off with a heart.
Alpha Lovin on the Emporium
We ended our evening with fireworks. We found a fantastic spot on Main Street & enjoyed the fireworks as my birthday came to a close.
Always so magical
What a wonderful birthday day - at this point I'd completed 20 RaoDk & was loving it.  It made the trip much more enjoyable. Of course meeting some fantastic people helped too!

Have you ever celebrated your birthday in a different way? What did you do?

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