Three Life Changing Events

There are three events in my life that I stand out to me as life changing moments, in no particular order:
1 - Moving to Las Vegas with my then boyfriend, who is now my husband. We have been together nearly a decade.
2 - Starting to run, yes I've mentioned it before but never gone in to great detail, I promise I will explain one day. But simply put running saved my life, saved my marriage & allowed me to find myself again.
3 - Joining a sorority, my first semester at college was tough, being away from family was one of the hardest things & sure everyone goes through that. But during the second semester of my freshmen year at Grand Valley I some of the most inspiring women who thankfully wanted to share the magic of Greek Life with me. Yes Greek Life is magic and at that time it was exactly what I needed in my life. And to this day it still is. I meet women from all around the country who are my sisters, and we have an immediate connection, these are women I do not know, yet we share a bond so strong & powerful it's undeniable.
Can you find me? Hint - check out the very front row ;)
The last weekend of June I had the opportunity to represent the Alpha Omicron Pi Alumnae Chapter of Las Vegas in Franklin, Tennessee at an event called Leadership Institute. I wrote about day one at #AOIILI2014 on the chapter's blog. Feel free to read, as two more posts will be coming about Leadership Institute. 

What events have greatly impacted your life?

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