Dumbo Double Dare Outfit Reveal

If you follow me over on Instagram then you know I've been posting teasers of my costumes, here's a quick recap of what I've posted.


I never thought I'd be posting about something like this, I had hoped the news would be happy, sharing that we were expecting our first child.

However on my first doctor appointment (around 8/9 weeks) during the ultrasound the doctor said "hmm" & nothing else. Photos printed & I thought they were to be ours, I wanted to see our little blip. He turned the monitor towards hubs & I showing what he was seeing. There was a sac (good thing) & a yolk (another good thing) but then there was another sac below that he believed was full of blood (bad thing) & I was only measuring at 6 weeks (bad thing) & he did not see a heartbeat (bad thing). So there were two conclusions, I had my math wrong (which there was a very very slight chance of that happening) or I was having a miscarriage.

Turns out it is a miscarriage - that word still knocks the breath out of me.