Washington DC

Today I am off to Washington DC! I'm thrilled to be heading there. I haven't been to DC for over 10 years & I remember only bits & pieces of that trip.  

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This week has been full of packing & repacking (the weather keeps getting cooler & cooler there) & updating iphones & charging running gear.

Ya know the usual, race-cation kinda stuff. 

Dumbo Double Dare Expo!!!

I don't believe I have ever been more excited for a race! With all my health things going on I decided to focus on what made me happy. And Disney + Running = HAPPY KARA! 
So we continued our drive to California & we reached my favorite part... these beautiful mountains.  I love this view, the first time we ever drove to California it reminded me of Hawaii. Yup no idea why but even if I am sleeping hubs will wake me up so I can enjoy this view.

Recycled 5k

Race #6 for my 14 in 2014 challenge was another event with Calico Racing. This one was called the Recycled 1/2 Marathon, 10k & 5k.
"In the spirit of recycling, awards will be modified from left over awards unclaimed from previous Calico Racing events. For this discounted RECYCLED! event, awards will go to overall male and females winners 3 deep only for each of the distance races. No age group awards will be offered for this race."
How fun!? I love that the left over shirts & medals are still used! 

My confirmation!

Some Days...

some days im amazed i can get through the day, today was one of those days. ever since i shared the news of our miscarriage there have been a lot of pregnancy announcements but recently i received news of one pregnancy that knocked me over. i have been so genuinely excited about all the couples expecting children, some i know have had fertility struggles of their own. but this one has taken me by surprise, i'm hurt & while i realize i shouldn't be i've realized i am still healing. i am human a super emotional woman.

it doesn't help that this morning i woke up from a very realistic dream where i was pregnant, cut to me waking up from that sleepy haze & placing my hand on my stomach realizing there was no baby bump there & by now there would of been a bump.

today october 15 is pregnancy & infant loss remembrance day & i finally have the strength to share the rest our story

28 Random Acts of Disney Kindness Part 4!

Sooo... nothing like finishing up a recap for a trip that happened ohhh 6 months ago. Oops!

In case you don't know what I'm talking about - hubs & I went to Disneyland to celebrate my 28th birthday. We did it in a unique way - doing 28 random acts of Disney kindness throughout the Disneyland Resort. To get caught up I recommend reading the below posts: 
What sparked the RAODK

Labor of Love 10k

WAY back in May of this year I did my fifth race of my 14 in 2014 challenge.  I decided to give the Labor of Love 10k a try, it would be my very first 10k distance & I wanted to try a race company in town called Calico Racing.

Thankfully a sorority sister, Amy, signed up to participate with me! She had done TONS of half marathons & it was our first time running together.

Flat Kara & Stella ready to Sparkle! Yes Stella LOVES to wear anything on her head that I would wear. She's SO my dog :)

Rock'n'Roll Virtual 5k

As part of my 14 in 2014 plan I decided I would allow myself one or two virtual races. While I'm not a big fan of virtual races (only because I ALWAYS run on my own & I love going to races to meet other runners) I knew that due to availability of myself or of races & finances that a virtual race or two could work out for me. 

 So I took the leap & signed up for the Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas virtual 5k. First things first it was FREE, if you signed up soon enough you would get a free shirt & a virtual medal. Why not?!?

To celebrate the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon weekend, the fab people over at Rock 'n' Roll decided to have a virtual & satellite 5k!

Sign up was easy & the emails kept coming to keep you informed. 

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall Y'All!
While I'm not southern I do love saying y'all! Even though it has officially started it doesn't really seem like fall to me until October. 

So to celebrate the official start of fall {& Halloween in our house} here are some of my favorite Halloween/Fall-ish movies to get you in a festive mood.