28 Random Acts of Disney Kindness Part 4!

Sooo... nothing like finishing up a recap for a trip that happened ohhh 6 months ago. Oops!

In case you don't know what I'm talking about - hubs & I went to Disneyland to celebrate my 28th birthday. We did it in a unique way - doing 28 random acts of Disney kindness throughout the Disneyland Resort. To get caught up I recommend reading the below posts: 
What sparked the RAODK

 So now that you are all caught up we can start with the final day of our trip! We decided to do California Adventure first thing in the morning to ride Radiator Springs Racers before the lines got too crazy.

As you can see it was already busy!
But that was just the line to enter the line!

 So I got a quick picture with Red.

 And soon we were on the ride!

We took a little Sunday morning drive.

Then grabbed some breakfast (I had hoped to do a RaoDk here but everyone was heading to Racers)

 We were lucky enough to get FastPasses to ride again...


But had some time to kill, so we went to play...

And did a little SOARIN'...

 Then it was time to take another little drive.

Soon we were off to Disneyland to finish up the RaoDk.
We got to see Mickey & the Main Street Marching Band. 

And grabbed a coffee...

As we made our way down Main Street I made a couple quick stops at the food carts to make some magic :) I was lucky again to have young cast members all about this, some even ended up Instagraming the card I used & the family that received the treats.
RaoDk #21 DONE! - Buy someone popcorn

RaoDk #22 DONE! - Buy someone corn on the cob
  We made a stop to visit a princess...

And some singing ghosts...

Then stopped for a mid morning snack & another RaoDk. Beignets are a perfect morning snack RIGHT?! ;)
 RaoDk #23 DONE! - Buy someone beignets

After our snack we decided to take a little boat ride...

 And visit with another princess.

 Soon it was time to start wrapping up our trip. We made a quick visit to Tomorrowland & Adventureland. I ran up to the entrance of Space Mountain & the exit of the Jungle Cruise.

RaoDk #24 DONE! - Give a cast member at Space Mountain a thank you note

RaoDk #25 DONE! - Give a Skipper at the Jungle Cruise a thank you note

Then we strolled through Fantasyland knowing that my last three RaoDk would be easy to complete in this land. And as we were walking we were passed by none other than Anna & Elsa!!!

I may or may not of gasped when I saw them.

I found a young girl dressed up as Elsa (my favorite) & asked her parents if I could give her a gift. I needed to ensure the child didn't have a sibling, which was hard to find!  I had a notebook made that was a Little Golden Book of Frozen - complete with blank & lined pages as well as the entire story. She was thrilled!
 RaoDk #26 DONE! - Give a child a Frozen notebook

Then we found a little boy surrounded by family, you could tell he was an only child, they were all sweetly doting on him.  He must of been about 4 & was rocking a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. He was perfect to give the Mickey notebook to. I noticed some of the family members looked completely shocked & yelled thank you as we walked away.
RaoDk #27 DONE! - Give a child a Mickey Mouse notebook

With one final RaoDk to be done, I saved my personal favorite snack for last. 

Yup a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar is my all time favorite snack in the Disney Parks. I get one EVERY TRIP! It was an easy way to end the RaoDk & thankfully there was a young cast member who may of been more excited than I was. 
  RaoDk #28 DONE! - Buy someone a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar

And with that all 28 of my Random Acts of Disney Kindness were complete.  It took three days & lots of planning but it was so unbelievably rewarding. The reactions from both cast members & guests were priceless. It was a fantastic way to kick off a new year for me. 

What was your favorite random act of kindness from this trip? Have you ever done a random act of kindness for someone? 

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