Dumbo Double Dare Expo!!!

I don't believe I have ever been more excited for a race! With all my health things going on I decided to focus on what made me happy. And Disney + Running = HAPPY KARA! 
So we continued our drive to California & we reached my favorite part... these beautiful mountains.  I love this view, the first time we ever drove to California it reminded me of Hawaii. Yup no idea why but even if I am sleeping hubs will wake me up so I can enjoy this view.

We made it!!!
Driving under this sign started to make it all feel real, very very real. That I was going to TRY & run the Dumbo Double Dare. 

We weren't sure we would make it to the Expo in time, but thankfully after a rough enough day we made it with 30 minutes to spare. We parked at the Disneyland Hotel (the small area sectioned off for expo parking), ran down the parking ramp & got my bib. 

I LOVED these silhouettes! 

 Me & Mickey! (Attempting to put my best foot forward & have a good time)

Thankfully bib pickup was a breeze! There was hardly anyone down there. 

See what I mean? EMPTY! 

We picked up our discounted park tickets then went up to the Expo for t-shirt & packet pickup. 

Thankfully the crowds were in our favor, hardly anyone there. We took a quick walk around the Expo & left to check in. My energy levels were very low, I needed more rest, water & food. 

Thankfully our hotel was fairly near by, we checked in, unpacked a bit & freshened up. Then grabbed some dinner.  I had Pizza Hut, nothing off the hotel restaurant's menu sounded good to me & after all that the day had given me I NEED something that sounded right. So a cheese pizza & bread sticks won.
My darling shirts. I prayed that night I would actually be able to wear them. 

Before bed I set up my outfit for the 10k the next morning, Bo Peep from Toy Story. I felt okay enough to prep for this. I knew I could walk the entire thing & I could easily handle 6 miles. 
Once the outfit was set up it was bed time. I was beat & needed the heat pad, some paid reliever & sleep. Thankfully I drifted off to sleep.

This was certainly the most interesting race Expo I ever attended, not only did I not buy anything but I didn't even know if I would be able to participate! 

Did you ever have a medical situation change your running plans? How did you manage to make the best of the situation?

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