Happy Fall!

Happy Fall Y'All!
While I'm not southern I do love saying y'all! Even though it has officially started it doesn't really seem like fall to me until October. 

So to celebrate the official start of fall {& Halloween in our house} here are some of my favorite Halloween/Fall-ish movies to get you in a festive mood.

Hocus Pocus
{I mean what kid that grew up in the 90's doesn't LOVE this film?! Rumor has it Tina Fey is attached to make a sequel!!!!}
Repo The Genetic Opera
{NOT kid friendly! And yes Paris Hilton is in it & she is pretty darn good!}
The Last Halloween
{One of my FAVORITE films from when I was a kid. Scroll down to the bottom to watch it.}
Harry Potter Films
{Double double toil & trouble, something wicked this way comes!!!}
Bugs Bunny Howl-Oween Special
  {I remember watching this all the time as a kid.}
The Addams Family & Addam Family Values
{What's not to love about these films?!}
{Very cute story if you haven't seen it, plus it's all done in black & white!}
The Nightmare Before Christmas
{Need a say anything?!}
Corpse Bride
{What can I say, I just love things with dead brides...Haunted Mansion is to blame!}
Practical Magic
 {Another classic to me, I could watch this movie every day & never be bored of it.}

Hope these films get you in a festive mood! I'll be decorating my home this evening for Halloween & probably watch one of the movies I listed above. 

*On a more personal note, I want to say thank you to those of you who have reached out & supported me during the last couple months. I will never be able to express my gratitude, there are still days where I am a mess, but more days have been good lately, which is nice.  I have 10 posts that are drafts right now, I PROMISE I'm working on them, but I've been finding it a bit too emotional some days to write.*

I hope you all have a wonderful fall & enjoy the cooler weather & pumpkin spice lattes ;) 

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