Labor of Love 10k

WAY back in May of this year I did my fifth race of my 14 in 2014 challenge.  I decided to give the Labor of Love 10k a try, it would be my very first 10k distance & I wanted to try a race company in town called Calico Racing.

Thankfully a sorority sister, Amy, signed up to participate with me! She had done TONS of half marathons & it was our first time running together.

Flat Kara & Stella ready to Sparkle! Yes Stella LOVES to wear anything on her head that I would wear. She's SO my dog :)

I woke up early on Saturday & sadly wasn't feeling too hot. It had been windy & I was being rebellious by not using my inhaler. Meaning my lungs were tight. I knew it would make for a rough race.

Amy picked me up & we were off. The course took place about 15/20 minutes from my house near the entrance of a national recreation area.
Our view walking up to the course.

Rocking our Sparkle Athletic gear at the sign.

What I LOVE about Calico Racing is that they host a 5k, 10k, half, full & sometimes even longer distances all in one day! The start is the same for every race. It blew me away how organized everything was.
  Runners take off for the half marathon!

Amy & I ready to run! FYI - when my nose gets scrunched up it means I'm REALLY REALLY excited ;)

Soon we were off & of course the sun was out heating things up.

Potty & Water stop on the course.

Lots of solitude on the course for this scenic runner.

With the sun out & my lungs tight I was not in the mind set to run, I was feeling defeated. Amy stuck by my side the entire time motivating me & telling me she was just happy to run with me. So rather than have a pity party we chatted & took lots of pictures.

Since 5 races take place on the same route there are plenty of signs clearly marking your distance.
 I was thrilled to reach the half way point of the 10k! Notice I rolled the socks down, that's how hot I was getting.
The second half this was the view... not too bad.

As I mentioned we decided to take some fun photos...


  My poor jumping skills clearly displayed.

Amy really got some air!

Soon we were to the finish line, it of course was up a hill & all eyes were on us as we were some of the last people arriving for the 10k distance, 1/2 marathon & marathon people were still on the course.
  A very relaxed finish line complete with pancakes, muffins, & chocolate milk! Yup they were making pancakes fresh at the finish line...IMPRESSIVE!

Amy & I with our bling.

Garmin shot once I got home... not fast but I wouldn't be swept by Disney ;)

Even after feeling rather defeated by the course due to the heat & tight lungs it was still a fun race. Calico Racing won me over, in fact I plan on doing several more races with them!

  So what does someone do when they feel off from their race, why make pretty pictures from the race of course!

Hello booty shorts ;)

Have you ever done not so hot in a race before? How did you "recover" from that race funk?

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