Recycled 5k

Race #6 for my 14 in 2014 challenge was another event with Calico Racing. This one was called the Recycled 1/2 Marathon, 10k & 5k.
"In the spirit of recycling, awards will be modified from left over awards unclaimed from previous Calico Racing events. For this discounted RECYCLED! event, awards will go to overall male and females winners 3 deep only for each of the distance races. No age group awards will be offered for this race."
How fun!? I love that the left over shirts & medals are still used! 

My confirmation!

Since I was only running a 5k I wasn't too worried about my training. I treated this like just another running day - but one where I can dress up cute & get pretty shiny medals.

I arrived a bit too early for the race, so I hung out in my car, ate some Energybits (which I LOVE, just wish they weren't so pricey), finished my water & hiked up to the start line.
Energybits :)

The race took place behind a casino, I know that sounds weird but here in Vegas there are casinos everywhere. Small little gambling halls to the massive resort casinos on the strip. We even have slot machines in our grocery stores & gas stations. (That took a while to get used to!)
 The space behind this casino is rather beautiful & has access points to the paved paths that run behind. Truth be told I don't know much about this area so it was nice to run here. 

Once I got to the starting area you had packet pickup, & could pick out your shirt. There were about 6 different race events I could choose from, if you didn't want a shirt they also had leftover age group prizes - some where fun rocks with the distance on them or magnets. There was a nice collection of goodies to pick from to commemorate this run! 

The start line & the 1/2 marathon runners are off!

Once the 1/2 marathon & 10k runners took off it was time for the 5k to start!
Thankfully the path is paved, since this is part of a public trail we were joined by other runners & bikers. Everyone was very respectful, which is great!
As you can see the course opened up quite a bit, so it was very easy for me to keep my 30 second walk & 30 second ratio going without cutting anybody off. In fact I managed to pass a few people!
Mid race selfie!
This course was very hilly!! That was the hardest part of the day.

Past the half way point I spotted a little girl running alone who had been going very fast for the first couple miles. By the time I got to her she was gasping for air & holding her tummy. I asked her if she was okay, she told me her chest & tummy ached. I proceeded to ask her about herself to take her mind off the body aches. She got very chatty thankfully. Once I noticed her breathing had recovered a bit I asked her if she wanted to run with me. She said yes! So for the last bit of the race I had a running buddy!

Once we rounded the corner to the finish she TOOK OFF! Girl can RUN! The finish line photos of me are hysterical because I'm cheering her on.
My running friend & I at the finish.
Not a bad little run. And I'm REALLY bad at stopping my Garmin after a race.

Here's a link to my event photos, you'll notice me making weird faces (cheering on the little girl).

I wanted a race day photo of myself (so hubs took one fore me when I got home) & OF COURSE Stella had to join.
After the race it was time to hurry home, shower & get ready as hubs & I had a wedding to attend!

Once we were ready for the wedding I decided to check the race results... lo & behold I was SECOND in my age group!!  Figures the one race I participate in that didn't do age group awards & I place.  Made me very very happy.

Did you ever participate in a race & was surprised by your outcome?

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