Washington DC

Today I am off to Washington DC! I'm thrilled to be heading there. I haven't been to DC for over 10 years & I remember only bits & pieces of that trip.  

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This week has been full of packing & repacking (the weather keeps getting cooler & cooler there) & updating iphones & charging running gear.

Ya know the usual, race-cation kinda stuff. 

Yup another race-cation!!! This weekend happens to be my cousin's wedding (the reason I am going to DC) but ALSO the Marine Corps Marathon. No I'm not running the marathon, trust me it would be BIG news if I was running a marathon. On the same day of the marathon there is also a 10k happening!  So of course I signed up (& my mom did too!!) & I had to add it to my 14 in 2014 challenge :)

While packing for the trip I started to charge all my devices, long story short my iPhone & MacBook were not on the same update meaning that when I tried to sync it couldn't happen. I did the update & for whatever reason it erased two of my playlists - one being my running mix. Usually this wouldn't be a huge problem, but considering I have a run this weekend out of state I need my music ASAP. So I spent TWO hours building new playlists. Fun Fun Fun. 

A hot mess of cables & things to charge. 

The one benefit of my playlists disappearing is that I got to add some "older" songs to the mix. Here are some screen shots of a couple songs in my run playlist. 

 Quick a blend of music huh?
Confession - I LOVE listening to dirty rap music when I run. Not only is the beat good, but it pumps me up. I know I know racy music isn't for everybody, but hey whatever keeps you going! 

I'm thrilled to be running this weekend. I've only ever done races in Nevada, California & Florida. It will be nice to add another state to that mix. 
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AND I'll be adding a beautiful mock turtleneck to my running shirt collection... can you sense the sarcasm?? I guess these shirts have a HUGE following & are quite "the thing". Maybe I'll get use out of it, if not it will make a great addition to a tshirt blanket one day.

So if you feel like tracking me head over here! Oh & you'll need my last name  - Kenny :)

Oh & as usual I'll be posting lots of photos on my Instagram account, be sure to follow there.
Did you ever do a race just because you happened to be in the right place at the right time?

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