Why I Run

Well I've done it again, totally abandoned my blog... not on purpose but life has completely distracted me.

 If you happen to follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you'll know that my life has done a complete 180. I am getting a divorce.

My husband & I have decided that it is time to end our nearly decade long relationship. Sure I could get into details, but I won't, I'll leave it at this; we have both changed. We started dating at 19 & got married at 24. Maybe that's young, but at the time it seemed right. I have no regrets in getting married young, or moving out to Las Vegas, or being married to a cop. All these things have made me who I am & changed me, as well as changed him. So we are doing what we can to end our marriage amicably. It's hard but this quote seems to sum it up rather well:

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Dumbo Double Dare 10k

With Friday being a FAR too eventful day for me it was an early evening! I was exhausted on Friday night & wasn't 100% sure I would have the energy to participate in either the 10k or half.

Thankfully Saturday morning came & I felt good, cramping was very minimal & it seemed as though I would be OKAY to run the 10k.

So I got dressed...
All Dolled Up As Bo Peep from Toy Story