Paris Here I Come!

It's official! I am headed to Paris next fall! This will be my first time in France, but my third time to Europe.  I had the great privilege of studying abroad in Prague & traveling to 7 other countries during my studies. 

But never France. Paris is a dream come true to me. Fashion, history, art, macarons, romance (I'm a major romantic), Eiffel Tower. Oh Paris. Plus I totally plan to bust out a perfect Carrie inspired outfit for one meal. Maybe cocktails at The Ritz?

But the REAL reason I'm going to Paris? To run of course!

And surprise surprise, it's a Disney race


If you happen to follow me on Instagram you'll see I've been using the #singlegirladventures. I've used it for cross country road trips, moving in to my first post divorce apartment with a girlfriend/sorority sister/boss, buying IKEA furniture on my own (which honestly that stuff is HEAVY when you load your cart alone), heading to concerts that are outside my normal music choices, etc. 

Basically anything that I found fun, new & inspiring got the hashtag. 

Sooo the whole point of this post is to share the exciting new step I'm taking tonight...

I'm going on a date. 

Oops I Did It Again

In the famous words of Britney Spears...

Oops I Did It Again!

Yup I signed up for ANOTHER half marathon. 

Not just ANY half but one of the craziest half marathons offered. 

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...Again

Hello my name is Kara & I'm a horrible blogger, but I'm still here & funny enough I think about blogging all the time. 

So since the last post was back in January (bad, bad blogger) I figured I should catch you all up on the happenings:

Star Wars Half Marathon - This was my 9th half marathon, I had a blast as always running & playing with my runDisney friends.

Dumbo Double Dare - Parks & Labor Day

After the half marathon it was time to play in the Disneyland!
I love the little pink castle.

Dumbo Double Dare Half

Sunday morning came EARLY! I woke up feeling very tired after all the activity on Saturday, even though I laid low. Given what my body was going through it was rough. I had much worse cramping on Sunday than I did Saturday. I popped a couple Advil, had breakfast & got DARLA ready :)

I HAD to wear a Sparkle Athletic skirt, so I "hacked" it & added washi tape & blue painters tape to get the plaid skirt look. And yes that is a paper Nemo in the bag :)