Dumbo Double Dare Half

Sunday morning came EARLY! I woke up feeling very tired after all the activity on Saturday, even though I laid low. Given what my body was going through it was rough. I had much worse cramping on Sunday than I did Saturday. I popped a couple Advil, had breakfast & got DARLA ready :)

I HAD to wear a Sparkle Athletic skirt, so I "hacked" it & added washi tape & blue painters tape to get the plaid skirt look. And yes that is a paper Nemo in the bag :)

Trying my Darla smile out...
I don't take myself very seriously...
After snapping some pics in the room it was time to head over for meet ups. Let's be real the reason I run is the bling & the people. Ivie, AJ & Carlee had been super cheerleaders for me. It's great when social media friends become REALLY close real life friends.

 I FINALLY got to meet Shelby before the race. We may of shrieked when we finally met. :)
Soon it was off to the corrals... and we were STARTING!
The Green Army Man certainly didn't look too happy to see me...
YAY for World of Color

Lots of group photos :) 
After California Adventure we were off to Disneyland!
We saw Julie & Kelly of Sparkle Athletic before hitting Disneyland.
Quick shot before reaching Main Street
Drum line!
"I'm walking right down the middle of Main Street USA...."
We stopped for some photos with Donald.
Busting out the Darla smile again :D
Then we saw the wicked step sisters & Prince Charming on the carousel
I LOVE running through the castle...and Ivie photobombs
DARTH!! We shall meet again pretty soon ;)
Quick shot with some Villains over by Small World
Soon we were back on the streets of Anaheim passing some GORGEOUS cars.
Sadly by the time we reach Angels Stadium I wasn't feeling so hot. Maybe the magic from being in the parks had helped me get through the first several miles. But soon I was cramping & hot.
So I walked through the stadium hoping it would help.
You can see the not so content look on my face.

The last half of the race was horrible for me. The heat & humidity was getting the best of everyone, but the cramping & suddenly needing a restroom didn't help me much.

Thankfully Ivie, AJ & Tina stayed with me the entire race. Ivie joked that she had been weight training a lot lately & if she needed to carry me to the finish line she would.

Without being too graphic I had to find a restroom stat, having a miscarriage two days before my body was still "handling" everything. While waiting for a port-o-potty under an overpass...we noticed the balloon ladies getting close. Thankfully we were able to stay ahead of them. AJ decided now was a good time to tell me about his tattoos to keep me focused on other things, not the amount of pain I was in.
Soon we were getting to the end. I had been texting with Carlee letting her know where we were.

 Thankfully we found her close right before the finish line :)

I finished. I cried a lot when crossing that finish line. I've never cried after a race. But against all odds I ran & I finished.

 I was exhausted & hot & sore but I finished 19.3 in two days.
I'm VERY proud of these medals. After everything I went through, these have an even more powerful meaning to me.

And now for some pro photos...


 Told you I cried at the finish....

I don't know what I would of done without them. I love running with Ivie & AJ. We had so much fun together :) 

  What's the hardest thing you've ever had to overcome during a race?

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