Dumbo Double Dare - Parks & Labor Day

After the half marathon it was time to play in the Disneyland!
I love the little pink castle.

Dumbo with my Dumbo medal
We rode the teacups...
Tasted some Luck, Charm & Knowledge in Frontierland...
Rode the wildest ride in the wilderness & saw an explosion...
Then had a treat or two...
I had no IDEA the macaroon was going to be that big!
Mickey macaroon & a spoonful of sugar
I love playing in the parks with Ivie & AJ.
Soon it was time for a quick trip to outer space...
And enjoy the sunset by Small World...
And warm up with a cup of coffee & yes I can drink coffee at night & still sleep just fine :)
Took a stroll through the Disneyland Gallery & found this sketch of Robin William's Timekeeper, one of my favorite long gone attractions. I listen to the audio all the time.
Soon it was time to go back to the hotel. I was exhausted, but it was nice to be able to see California Adventure from the hotel.

Monday was Labor Day, which meant no work! So we could stay & relax another day.
I purchased another Alex & Ani bracelet to remember the race & added a charming Dumbo charm as well.
Monday evening we were home. I celebrated the weekend with my all time favorite Disney snack - a Minnie Mouse apple.
And I took a picture with all the runDisney medals I earned.
2011 - Princess Half
2012 - Tink Half
2013 - Tink Half
2013 - Princess Half
2013 - Coast to Coast
2013 - Disneyland Half
2014 - Tink Half
2014 - Disneyland 10k
2014 - Disneyland Half
2014 - Dumbo Double Dare

10 runDisney medals! And my collection is only beginning. 
What is your favorite runDisney medal?

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