If you happen to follow me on Instagram you'll see I've been using the #singlegirladventures. I've used it for cross country road trips, moving in to my first post divorce apartment with a girlfriend/sorority sister/boss, buying IKEA furniture on my own (which honestly that stuff is HEAVY when you load your cart alone), heading to concerts that are outside my normal music choices, etc. 

Basically anything that I found fun, new & inspiring got the hashtag. 

Sooo the whole point of this post is to share the exciting new step I'm taking tonight...

I'm going on a date. 

Yup you read that right. 

Actually its more like multiple dates.... I'm going speed dating. 

I decided to go this route because last time I dated, which was a decade ago, flip phones were still the norm. Don't get me wrong I'm good with online dating & I may give it a shot but this felt like a good way to test the waters & see if I'm ready to start dating again. 

And just to make you giggle here's a dubsmash I recently did...& I promise to not act this way during speed dating. But in theory it could be a useful tactic.


Have you ever gone speed dating?

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