Paris Here I Come!

It's official! I am headed to Paris next fall! This will be my first time in France, but my third time to Europe.  I had the great privilege of studying abroad in Prague & traveling to 7 other countries during my studies. 

But never France. Paris is a dream come true to me. Fashion, history, art, macarons, romance (I'm a major romantic), Eiffel Tower. Oh Paris. Plus I totally plan to bust out a perfect Carrie inspired outfit for one meal. Maybe cocktails at The Ritz?

But the REAL reason I'm going to Paris? To run of course!

And surprise surprise, it's a Disney race

I'll be traveling with my parents. They have gone to Paris a couple times. After my divorce they welcomed me back home no questions asked. Letting me stay there until I was ready to be on my own. So this trip is my way of saying thank you to my parents. Sure family is always there to support & hold you up during your hard times. But they are also there to celebrate with you. So I will be celebrating my 15th half marathon with them & my mom will join me in running her 2nd half marathon. 

BUT let's talk about the craziness that was registration for the race. There were two different registration dates. October 13th if you were booking a package or coming up in January for just bibs. 

For me booking a package was a no brainer. I did my research on the hotels, price checked Disneyland Paris tickets & waited for October 13th. 

Well what I forgot to do was notice the time that bookings opened with the ONE US travel agency Disneyland Paris picked. 3am....yup I was sound asleep. When the agency reopened I could not get through. So I did what any Disney loving person does & googled. I discovered that a UK agency was offering packages if you booked online & paid a deposit for the trip. DONE! 

I got my confirmation & thought I'm golden. 

Then I started to read Facebook comments from fellow runDisney fanatics & realized that others had done the same thing as me & they were getting declined. 

YIKES! Freak out set in. I emailed the company (cause honestly I'm cheap & don't want to call & pay international phone call costs), thankfully they emailed me the following day & showed that I booked early enough & there was one room & two half marathon bibs reserved. Thank the running gods! 

Honestly I really dislike how hidden all the information was, you didn't know pricing or packages or who to book with until the day bookings opened. With the time change & fees for calling an international travel agency I'm not impressed in the slightest. I hope receiving the information prior to the race will be a bit smoother than the booking process was.

I know some people are still waiting for more packages to open. I also know that this is a pricey race. But the chance to travel internationally again, share a dream trip with my parents & run an inaugural race made it worth it for me. Plus I started saving over a year ago for this trip when it was just a little rumor that was pretty well supported. So for me it was an easy decision.

Will you being joining the masses & attend the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon? Did you have any issues with trying to book?

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