About Me

Why Wonderfully Kara?
To be honest, I like it, it's a bit of a nod to The Wonderful World of Disney show that used to air.  It's Disney without being in your face Disney (you'll learn that's not my style), also I'm full of wonder (cute huh?)

A little more about me...
  • I adore Disney, the films, parks, tv shows, stores.... all of it
  • I am an AOII- being in a sorority is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.
  • I own a beautiful goldendoodle named Stella 
  • I jokingly say I live a life of constant contrast. I love light & dark, simple & complex. Dark twisted vampy style & preppy patterns. 
  • Running has become my "thing" funny because a few years ago I would never imagine myself running!
  • I've run 11 half marathons! And registered for 3 more! 
  • I'm a member of the Half Fanatics #11959 
  • During 2014 I ran 14 races!
  • I love to craft - majority of my crafts are ideas of my own, but Pinterest does have a special place in my crafting heart
  • I'm an Aries... for the most part it's pretty true except for the spicy food thing, I can't stand spicy food.
  • I'm a collector of paper products and miniatures (nothing specific, but if it's small I'll probably love it)
  • I love white wine & milk chocolate, but I keep trying to love red wine & dark chocolate more (gotta try to be heart healthy!) 
  • My grammar tends to be atrocious & I use FAR too many adjectives 
  •  I tend to think in blog posts... explains why I have SOO many photos and notes in my phone solely with the idea of one day blogging about them.

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